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T he Lexington Rodeo is a Family Event

Mutton Bustin Mutton Bustin

Mutton Bustin
The perfect start for Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Mutton Bustin is just enough of a woolly ride to give participants the thrill of being in the roedo
and ridin'to the cheers of the fans.
Get there early and sign up for a chance to compete that evening.

Many come. Few are chosen.
Try your luck 'cause it never hurts to enter!
Now, here are the rules:

- Must enter drawing for chance to participate.
- Must weigh 50 lb. or less.
- We furnish helmet and vest, but you can wear your own if it meets our criteria.
- Entry books usually close right after grand entry so don't dilly dally.

- 12 names are drawn from all the entries each night for each performance.
- Entrants who's names are drawn must have a release form signed by an adult parent or guardian.
- Every Mutton Bustin rider gets a trophy!
- One parent or guardian is allowed on the arena floor during event (no siblings).

Calf Scramble Calf Scramble


Also known as kid chaos on the hoof! There's no pre-entry required. Just wear your fastest running shoes and
head to the arena floor
when the announcer gives instructions.

How it works:
We have two Age Groups: 8-10 and 11-13
The Announcer will call the groups down.
One group lines up on the rope line at one end of the arena.
The Announcer and the Clown give instructions.
Three claves with ribbons on their tails are released into the arena at the opposite end.
The clown releases the kids.
The kids chase these young bovines and grab one of the ribbons.
The first 3 to bring a ribbon back to the clown win!
Winner receives $50 from the clown.
Second Place receives $25.
And, Third Place receives $15.
It is repeated with the second group.